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A new paradigm


How the elite used to stay in power

Found this on Facebook. Pretty much what needs to be done. We people need to start forming a new community leaving the old system behind. No need to fight. It is about living what we want and leaving behind what we do not want by understanding how the system works and not falling for it any more. 'Divide and Conquer' needs to finally be left behind. It is time for a new paradigm. Therefore it is not 'how the elite stay in power' but 'how the elite used to stay in power':

Video: How The Elite Stay In Power

Additionally I just read Inelia Benz's latest book 'Interview with a psychic assassin' (can be downloaded as PDF at http://ascension101.com). Among other things Inelia describes how the system monitors people's thoughts comparable with a seismographic instrument that shows any occurrences of abnormality, abnormal in the sense of people having thoughts that endanger the existing system, e.g. ideas of liberation.

According to the book there are people who are educated in being psychic assassins. These people do not necessarily kill a person but work on eliminating the thoughts that are a danger for the system. So, this is another way how we are kept in ignorance in order for the old system to stay in power.

The assassin's revelations do make sense to me personally but everyone should figure out for themselves what their truth might be. I wrote a little bit about protection (chapter 8) in my book Turn of an Era. (Deutsche Version: Zeitenwende / Kapitel 8: Schutz). The book is available online or can be downloaded as PDF.


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