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Europe, April 2014. People get out into the street and demonstrate for peace, or they meditate for peace, or act for peace in some other way. Why? It is because there is an acute threat by some riots, especially in Ukraine.

Ukraine is near, the peace in Europe urgently threatened. There is quite some potential within that situation. This potential is bipolar. On the one hand it is the potential for great aggression, for destruction, and, on the other hand, there is a chance for exposure, for exemption, for a change in people's consciousness.

Do we need a massive threat to wake up the masses? Maybe yes, but still, it is menacing as well. It is because we carry patterns of competitive thinking, of fury, of aggression and above all we carry fear within ourselves. If this fear is triggered we might react with aggression even though we only desire to defend ourselves.

How do we react if we suddenly find out about the truth? Truth on how we have been deceived and how events (e.g. like 9/11) are used to deprive us from our freedom and keep the power within the hands of a few? We are outraged, furious, stunned.

But then, what are our choices? We could go for aimless activism and vent our displeasure. However, do we act peacefully then? Rather not if we act from our emotional outrage. Since exactly this creates new strife, causes new conflicts, produces new culprits, and creates new images of an enemy. If we turn against each other we achieve the opposite of piece, then we provoke war. The culprits are then found quickly, they are e.g. politicians, bankers, or whoever else is to blame.

Peace begins within. Liberation is linked to peace.If we want peace we need to release our restrictions and all that causes strife within. We need to escape the rulers who dictate and manipulate us. How do we achieve it? By fighting them? Well, then we play into their hands because there is no freedom without peace and by fighting strife is originated.

How do we escape then? We could do it by deciding to quit playing the other one's game, and by deciding to take our power back to ourselves, and by quitting cooperation.

Non-cooperation: "Sometime they'll give a war and nobody will come".

How do we do that now? How do we fetch our power back? How do we escape from manipulation, fear and deception?

Nobody is more restricted than the one who believes to be free but in truth is not. If we are aware of this, then it might be a first step for liberation. Quite often we are lulled to sleep by the media or by social norms not noticing how restricted we really are.

The people in the GDR have believed to be liberated with the fall of the wall. But what did really happen? Now they are subordinate to a more subtle system of manipulation being even more effective. Why is it more effective? It is because it is hidden. As long as people do not realize being a match ball they do not defend themselves. Why would they? Apparently they are doing well.

This can be compared to a frog sitting in a glass of water. The water is slowly heated up until the frog bursts. However, if a frog jumps into hot water it immediately jumps out again. But we are like the frog sitting in the glass not noticing that the water is getting warmer.

Thus, the riots in Ukraine and elsewhere offer great potential not only for conflict but for realization as well. We do have the chance to wake up the people and let them know about the water getting hotter and hotter. We can jump out of the glass. We do not need to wait until we burst.

Now, what can we do if we see that we were deceived? First of all it is important to detect the deception. It is important to open up to the possibility that we are manipulated. It is a matter of sensitizing and of opening up new perceptional channels. If we detect the underlying game then we do have the freedom of choice whether we want to further join the game or quit playing.

Up to now the game was possibly played in such a way: People feel restricted, suppressed, deceived, etc. Eventually they defend themselves furiously and fight for their freedom and for their rights. Some of them even die for the noble goal. After a while the situation relaxes and basically life goes on as before. Just the deception is veiled again and as long as people believe to be free they are quiet.

Some hundred years later or sometimes earlier the game starts again from the beginning. Look at history and see how many examples can be found when people fought for peace and liberty. There are many.

Why do we need wars? Wars are needed to considerably reduce the number of people every now and again because we are too many. We need wars because our economic system is based on growth. Sometime everything must be destroyed and we need to start from the beginning so growth can further constantly rise. We need wars, so that our shadow sides can be lived, etc.

But, do we still want war? If we ask the people most of them respond "no, I do not want war". Indeed it is strange that there is war all over the world although nobody supposedly wants it.

Where does this war desired by nobody come from? Some people must join the game or otherwise there would be nor war at all. Where does war begin then? War begins in every single one of us, every aggression, every fury, hatred, and all stuck emotional blockages are causing strife.

The war on the outside is the sum of all our conflicts and aggressions kept inside. We do not quite voluntarily hold on to these matters. The programming, the manipulation, and even the system of values are maintaining the state of affairs.

The darkness is the sum of all our shadow sides. And, yes, there are powers out there living on this dark energy but we are the ones feeding them.

How can we achieve peace then? Let us start with ourselves. Let us acknowledge that we do carry conflicts within. It is not about edging out such conflicts or suppressing them. That would mean they will further subliminally determine our life, just as they are doing it at the moment.

We need to see how we are manipulated e.g. to compete with others, to be better than the other one, or to carry fury and hatred within and so on. This is what we have been learning and internalizing since childhood. It cannot be turned off over night.

It is rather a process of awareness beginning with seeing and opening up to the truth and to observe our own behavior. Solutions will follow once the intention is there to overcome the manipulations. Basically it is about letting go of everything we were told to be. If we let go then our real essence is able to show up. Then we are able to get an idea who we are and why we are here.

As long as we are kept within the web of programming and manipulation we can hardly be who we are. Let us begin to remember who we are by letting go of everything we are not. Let us remember our connection with All That Is, with our divinity and let us acknowledge this divinity within every person we meet. Nobody appears within our life by accident, everything is linked together. All is ONE.

How do we achieve peace? We do it by creating peace emotionally. Let us concentrate upon what we really want. Let us provide our sub-consciousness with the essence of our desired condition. Let us manifest peace.
We begin with ourselves. We become a channel thus the energy can flow freely. Firstly the frequency of peace can then flow from Source into our being. Afterwards we allow it to flow out into the world.

Every human being does have free will. We are not the ones to decide whether others want to open up to the frequency and to step into resonance or to close up. We are not the ones who are judging but we should trust the other person's Higher Self that knows the soul's plan and is responsible for that person. We do not know the other person's learning job or path of direction.

However, we can decide what WE would like to live and which frequency we would like to go for. That is how we create morphogenetic fields which enable other people to join the field and use the energy or frequency or to even become part of such fields by sharing their own energy.

However, it is a matter of respecting everybody's free will by just offering the energy. It is not up to us to decide who would like to accept or refuse it.

Now I would like to introduce a peace meditation. First of all please connect with your Higher Self and formulate your intention, e.g. "I would like to open up to the frequency of peace originating from the Source of all Being, anchor it within myself and let it then flow out into the world". This is how you make yourself available as a channel and leave everything else to the Source of all Being.

You can combine the energy of peace with other frequencies according to your intuition. Choose whatever feels right. If you would like to add the energy of the Christ, or Mary, or the sun, or the divine feminine, or anything that feels right for you, please feel free to do so. Before you start with the meditation be very clear on your intention and then let go and let it flow.


  • Find yourself a place where you are undisturbed, either sitting or lying.
  • Get very comfortable, and adjust your body so that you can feel very relaxed and at peace. Close your eyes.
  • Notice your breathing. And let your breathing become slower, deeper, and more relaxed, just letting go at a deeper level.
  • Letting go of the outside world and begin to focus on your inner world, and become more aware of who you are.
  • Imagine how from a deep stillness you are connecting first with your Higher Self and then with the Source of all Being. Ask for the frequency of peace to flow into your being in a most pleasant way as is exactly right for you now, exactly what is needed now, easily and enjoyably.
  • Let this energy of peace be there, give it space to expand within you and to let it get bigger and bigger.
  • Stay there for a few moments and be completely with this feeling, dive deeply into it. Life is carrying you, you are safe and protected.
  • Imagine then how this feeling spreads out even further, exceeding your body, expanding into your aura and surrounding you completely.
  • Allow this energy to spread even further, into your surroundings, into the location, into the town. Imagine how it expands and goes everywhere and anyone who would like can join and enjoy this beautiful energy and come into resonance with it.
  • Let it spread even further, let it expand into the entire country … into the entire continent …, all over the planet and anyone who would like to join may do so.
  • Stay there for a few moments and simply let the energy flow. Notice how you are connected with all living beings, the plants, the minerals, all that exists on and off this planet. Become ONE and feel the connection to mother earth and the cosmos …
  • Slowly come back then into the here and now. You can keep the energy within and remember it whenever you like or reconnect with it. So take a deep breath to fully integrate that energy within every cell of your being and anchor it.
  • Thank the Sources of all Being and release the connection that was specially made for this meditation.
  • Feel your body on the floor or on the seat, begin then to stretch out your arms, your legs, and your entire body.
  • Open your eyes and come back completely into the here and now. You feel fine, recovered and relieved.

This meditation or similar ones can be performed by anybody alone or in a group. It does not matter whether the group is in the same room or meets at the same time. The intention to do this meditation as a group is enough to do it whenever or wherever is convenient. We will meet energetically.

Jesus Christ speaks: "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them …"
"in my name" means the core of our being, it means to be united with our divine essence. If we get together based on this energy then the Christ's energy can flow through us into the world and is able to cause change. Thus, let us join together.

In everyday life we are probably not able to constantly keep the feeling of peace within. We humans still do have a lot to let go and we still have to deal with our shadow parts. Over many generations we have been trained to be in conflict and separation. It takes time to realize and let it all go. Now it is the time and we have the opportunity to begin.

But there will also be times in which there are setbacks. There will be times when we are provoked and would like to immediately strike back aggressively. Maybe only out of fear because we feel attacked. All these patterns are deeply rooted within us.

Such a peace meditation could be a beginning to realize that there is something different, something we might hardly have known so far. Let us begin to make ourselves familiar with it. If we meet situations in everyday life where we are provoked then it might be helpful to breathe deeply several times and to remember the feeling of peace before we get into action.

Before we react, maybe we firstly can try to calm down and be balanced to then act out of that state. Certainly this will not always work as the patterns and programs are very present. However, let us spot the game in it and how it is played. We can then decide whether and in which manner we want to be part of it.

Let us stop being a match ball. Let us stop giving our power away. We are the ones creating our reality with our consciousness. Let us determine what we consciously would like to have and therefore avoid the manipulation that pushes us into a reality which restricts us and creates strife within and without.

There is much to be done. Every one of us is important as each one of us is part of the whole and adds his or her bit to the collective consciousness respectively co-creates our common reality.

If we want peace, let us begin with ourselves. Let us begin to escape from the old patterns by letting go of everything we have learnt and by rediscovering our own truth and our very own connection with the Source of all Being.

To finish this subject I would like to report from an experience in 2013. On August, the 25th, there was a worldwide peace meditation and it was about directing peaceful energy into the Syria conflict which threatened to escalate at that time.

For this meditation I went to the world peace bell in Berlin where I allowed the divine female energy to flow through me into the conflict situation. Afterwards I walked a few steps and stopped on a little wooden bridge, a brook rippled underneath.

Then something unexpected happened. There was a deep feeling of peace suddenly overcoming me. It was as if the entire world had sent peace to me. The situation had turned around, now it was not me sending anything but receiving peace, seemingly from all over the world.

All of a sudden I had the feeling that not the outside world needs it but it was me needing the energy of peace to anchor it deeply within. I felt stunned and after a while the feeling disappeared again. But to me it was clear I am the place where peace it needed and this had been shown to me in the most wonderful way.

Note: Recently someone was writing in a Facebook thread that there is no Source. According to this person, Source is only a construct stopping us from taking over responsibility for ourselves.

Firstly I was shaken because my entire world view seemed to break down. How could it be that this one statement brought me into such staggering? It was due to the fact that I felt some truth in this statement, something I had not paid attention to before. It was true, I had handed my own power over to an external entity.

Consequently I started to redefine the meaning of Source anew. If I now use the word Source I then mean the very core being of myself which is connected with all that is, connected with the omniscient part of me which wants to gain experiences of light within this lifetime.

I guess it is the current zeitgeist which challenges our well-worn thought patterns over and over again in order to redefine and rediscover our own truth to find and live deep and real truth. Our own truth does not necessarily have to be someone else's truth. It is up to each one of us to uniquely find our own answers.



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