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Routes to ME


Somebody asked me to briefly explain my work in a 5-minutes presentation. It was exactly then that I found a video showing a short talk by Vera Birkenbihl. It is in German and can be found here: https://youtube.com/watch?v=LZX67iZuKs0 This video inspired me to come up with the following explanation:

Why we are in such a way as we are.

I start with a picture story which I derived
from Vera Birkenbihl's talk mentioned above.

When we were born this was our potential. From a biological perspective it was our genetic potential. From a mental perspective it was our potential as a person.

If we had evolved in an ideal way we would have lived
our full potential and would have become a Homo sapiens.

Usually we do not evolve in an ideal way because something is interfering.

We call it Education.

Finally we were made normal. It is common to emphasize normality in our society

Vera Felicitas Birkenbihl (1946 - 2011) was a German management trainer and non-fiction book author. She was known as the only famous woman among management motivation trainers. She developed learning techniques based on brain research.

Routes to ME

In order to be able to live our full potential it is useful to first recognize that certain circumstances have led to restrictions. Vera Birkenbihl calls this education or our upbringing.

So what does education mean? Education means conditioning, programming, manipulation and a lot more. With my work, my books and articles on my website, I try to uncover such phenomena which lead to the fact that we do not evolve in an ideal way as Vera Birkenbihl puts it quite well.

Every one of us is unique. However, quite often we do not live our uniqueness because we learn from an early age how to conform to expectations, the rules of society, or the standards in working and commercial life etc.

There are many things going on around us that we actually do not want but we allow them to happen anyway. Let me give you an example: We do have wars in this world. Usually nobody wants war. How come that we do have war although nobody wants it? Who is initiating it and where does it come from?

Further we allow a few people to decide about the lives of many.This is obvious if we look at the example of food care. There used to be many different stores and regionally different products. In Germany 2014 it is not in such a way anymore.

These days we are having huge supermarket chains and no matter which town you live in there are always the same offshoots of the same company. Not very many alternatives are left. Should we not be concerned about this? The one who controls the food chain with these few suppliers controls the people.

Another example on how we are externally controlled can be found in professional life. Many people would like to work less in order to have more time for things that matter in life. Nevertheless, we are caught in this structure and have to work to make a living.

But is it not strange that we are living so differently compared to nature's example? Nature gives us all we need to survive, like air, food, or water. But what do we do? We work from morning till night. We are rushed and we think we have to be in order to make a living. But why are we doing that and who forces us to be like that?

Overall one might ask who keeps us fighting wars. Who keeps us in environmental pollution? Who tells us that we must work more, work more, work more and generate growth, growth at any cost?

Another question is who controls the media? Who decides what kind of information we are given? Is it not that the ones who control our knowledge are the ones with the power?

If we consider all these things should we not begin to wonder and say: "Hey, why can I not live my life in a way I would like to, what is holding me back?"

And additionally we might consider what we learnt at school, namely to follow authorities. We are assessed by getting marks. We do get good marks if we do what the teacher wants and say what the teacher likes to hear. This is how we learn to conform to rules, to submit and to gather the goodwill of those who give us good marks for it.

We keep this behavior when we become adults and there we then try to get the goodwill of more senior people or other authorities. In fact, we keep this behavior all our life.

But do we really have to do this? Or do we have a choice? Is it not that we can chose anew at any point in our life?

I do not want to be forced to live according to the old patterns any longer. I open up to all the possibilities this planet has to offer. I do not allow anyone to control me any longer. I take over responsibility for my life again and I want to know where I came from and who I am.

Basically each one of us knows anyway. We simply do not remember. We do not remember because we were told what we have to be and how we have to behave. But who we really are is something we have forgotten.

My work is about remembering who we are and what we originally wanted to live in this life. I provide tools and methods in order to be able to uncover today's madness and thus remove energy from it. How can we do this?

Let us take the alcoholic as an example. The first thing is to recognize the dependency and accept the fact of being an alcoholic. In acknowledging the addiction it is then possible to release it.

In my books I try to point out how and where we create our own prison with our way of thinking. By uncovering it we do have a choice to release it. Mainly it is about finding a way back to ourselves by remembering who we actually are. My first book's title is 'Be Yourself - Awareness and Release'.

My second book 'Turn Of An Era - energetic stories of a contemporary witness' is about my own trip. I share some of my experiences and conclusions.

And I would like to introduce energy work. What are energetic connections and what is it all about? Western society is mainly focusing on the material world. We need scientific proof and an authority to confirm the correctness of it all.

With all this we have completely forgotten to trust our own judgment and to listen to our inner voice, the part who knows best of all what is beneficial for us. We have given away our power. We gave it to the doctor who knows better how we feel. We gave it to the government because they know exactly what is good for us. We gave it to the expert (maybe with a doctor's degree) who has the scientific studies that are worth a lot more than our own experience et cetera et cetera … we gave our power away.

What I would like to achieve is that people begin to take back their responsibility for their lives because I want no more war. I want peace, clean technologies, a clean environment, and a life in harmony with this planet without destroying our living space. How do we get there?

Certainly not by leaving the power with those people who rule this planet by motives of avarice or greed. They are certainly not our rescuers! We are the ones who have to do it by ourselves by taking back our responsibility.

Let us remember who we are and let us create the life we want. We do have the choice, it is up to us. Others are only able to rule us as long as we allow them to do so.

Thank you for your time and your attention.



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