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Dieses Video wurde im Januar 2020 erstellt, am Tag der heiligen drei Könige. Matías teilt mit diesem Video Informationen über das Sternenbild des Orion und dessen Funktion als Raum-Zeit-Portal. Am Ende des Videos befindet sich eine geführte Meditation, allerdings mit einigen Störgeräuschen.

Eine bereinigte Version findet ihr hier:
« Meditation als Hörfassung »
Zu Beginn seid ihr eingeladen, wenn ihr möchtet, die Augen zu schließen und euch gerade hinzusetzen, die Wirbelsäule aufrecht... es folgt die Meditation... am Ende reckt und streckt ihr euch und öffnet die Augen wieder.

Anmerkung: Der Stern Betelgeuse war im Januar 2020 nur sehr schwach zu sehen. Im Mai 2020 schien er dann wieder heller. Wissenschaftler vermuten, dass dies mit Staub zu tun hat, der um den Planeten herum zu Verdunkelungen führt. Recherchiert am besten selbst, wie der Stand ist, wenn ihr das hier lest/schaut.

Video: Meditation and activation - Orion's Portal - MATÍAS DE STEFANO

Transcript Orion's Portal:
Most that I do is in Spanish. But as many people in Gaya want to know what I am trying to explain I will try to do my best in English.
I am sorry I didn't explain many other things in English before. If you watch the Gaya series you will have a lot of information to understand what I am going to say but I would like to make a resume of everything so you can understand what I am going to say. This video is about Orin's Portal.

What I am doing this year besides the videos that are in English is a project called I AM, Spanish YO SOY. This project is about going around the planet to 32 spots that represent the joints of the icosahedron and dodecahedron. These geometrical structures hold the sphere which is the earth.

Every structure in the universe, every sphere, every galaxy, everything is built by these 5 structures of geometry which are tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron and dodecahedron.

Platonische Körper
Die 5 platonischen Körper

These structures create the network of consciousness. Ancient cultures used it to find the spots through which the planet was thinking. We humans are not living above the planet but we are the planet. We are evolution, we are the neurons of this planet. We have to realize that there is a network of thinking in the planet and we can download that information. They discovered that if you follow these patterns of geometry in the planet you can find the places where you can download all that information.

So, theses servers of information around the planet would be special spots from where they could bring the information from energetical lines and download it into pyramids and temples.

So, all the information that was downloaded from other levels of consciousness, from other dimensions around the universe were the networks where all the information that god's mind has been stored along the whole history of creation.

That is why when a civilization accomplished to get to those dimensions and to the 9 levels of consciousness they can download all the information. And one of the ways they realized they could do it was through the construction of pyramids.

Pyramids are not tombs they are not just structures to reach god in the skies but to reach god within. So, they realized with these structures is that mathematics and the geometrical shape of the pyramids can hold the patterns of the planet and every geometry and every vibration and frequency that was treated there within the chambers of the pyramid where able to be seen and to communicate through other dimensions. That is how they used the pyramids to talk with beings in other times, in other spaces, in other planets, in other dimensions.

What I remember from that moment is that all the pyramids of the planet were aligned with all the stars from where we needed to download all that information. So, the most important structure in the sky to download that information is Orion. The constellation of Orion is the most important constellation for ancient civilisations because it meant the big portal that everyone could see around the world. And that is because the main core of the stars of this constellation are the three stars that you can see everywhere. Means the equator of the stars. The biggest star of the three, which names is Mintaka, in Arabic means the belt. So, this star is the place where northern sky and southern sky is divided and also that star is the first star that comes up in the east and sets down in the west.

Ausschnitt Sternbild Orion vereinfacht
Ausschnitt Sternbild Orion vereinfacht

So, this star crosses every time and every space. So, this means also that for ancient cultures this star is the one that helps us to go through every time and every space. So, north, south, east, west, and of course equinox and solstice. This structure of time and space would be the spot through where every ancient culture could connect with every information of every dimension.

So, this explains why the biggest pyramids are aligned with that star, with Mintaka. And also die pyramid of Giza and also the Pyramid of the moon in Mexico and other pyramids around the world are aligned specifically with Mintaka because it means they connect through every time and space and that's why the priestesses and priests in that time used that pyramid to filter, to contact with the past, with the future, with present and with all information around the planet. So, it is the place where all the data from the universe is being downloaded.

So, the pyramids hold this information from the five structures of geometry that creates the sphere and every one of its joints create 32 spots. These 32 spots are the 12 nodes that create the icosahedron and the 20 nodes that create the dodecahedron. So, 20 plus 12 is 32 and there is one more aligned in the core of the planet through the North and the South Pole that means there is another one which makes it 33. 33 spots in the world that explain the connection of enlightenment. So, that is why in the next 3 years from 2020, 2021 and 2022 we will be doing this trip around the world named I AM, Yo soy, to align all these spots to the same vibration in the same frequency. So, it is like going to different radios to synchronize every radio in the same song and why is that because today we are a lot of different beings around thinking in different ways and what we need is to balance the way of thinking of the planet. If every human is a neuron we need to think properly.

Now we have a chaos, the planet is a chaos. So, what we need to do is to balance the places through where all this information comes down and goes up and to balance it in the same vibration, the same song. So, what will happen is to allow us to receive the proper information. So, what I was explaining is that if this star, means the cross of every time and every space, what it means is that Orion is the biggest portal in the sky, it is the portal of time and space and every other being in the galaxy the Galactic Confederation and other beings in other planets they were using the information of Orion to get the light from other dimensions to download the information from other levels of consciousness through this portal.

The portal is really far away but we can see it like a perfect door to the skies but the stars are really far away from each other. So, earth is like 600 to 1500 light-years away from the constellation. So, everything that happens in that portal arrives on earth with a big delay of 600 years or up to a thousand years.

So, whatever is happening there right now we will see it in 600 years but what we are seeing right now from the portal happened 600 years ago. So, the importance of this portal for every civilization is that everything that happened in this portal changes the evolution of our beings, of everything we are and for human history the constellation meant the spot through where every human could find itself being God.

If you see the structure of the constellation that I drew here, the structure of the constellation is like having the shoulders, knees and the belt. So, it is the biggest person in the sky in mythology they said it was a giant hunter but for other cultures it meant the big brother they call the ones that were given all this information like teachers. So, what all these people from Orion, from different dimensions were doing was to give information from one dimension to another and this information for us in the past was used to follow the stars, to follow our evolution to understand that we are not in a line of time. We are not past, present, future in this line but that we are all connected through different times and spaces in just one spot. So, that means that whatever had happened or will happen in Orion is in us anyway in our present. So, time is not a line, it is a sphere and everything that happens in the sphere affects the core, the centre. So, if we take us as the core of the centre of our sky, everything that happens there affects us inevitably.

So, what happened? According to my memories and a lot of people around the world, what we remember is that Orion was used by many, many beings to harvest energy of time. So, they were harvesting this energy from different stars, from the clusters of stars, and using the portal to receive the information to create new realities. So, in order to create these new realities for them they had to take the energy from some stars and to open the portals in some stars and this created like a chaos in the constellation Orion because the people living in the constellation were meant to protect the information of this portal, of the biggest portal in our galaxy. So, a lot of people in different systems were trying to use that energy in a bad way. Bad and good is really relative for us but for them it was how can we use the energy of the universe to improve our evolution. So, many beings in other dimensions, in other systems, that we call reptilians or draconians, many things, the grey ones, they were trying to use the information to improve their own evolution.

But the other beings like Pleyadians, Orion people, Sirius people or Arcturian people, they were trying to help to have a proper evolution and not a forced evolution. They were trying to make a balance in evolution but what we understood from the portal was that you have three stars in the middle and these three stars are the core of this time and space lines. This core is built by three stars or projection of stars that are called Mintaka which is the biggest one that you can see, then the one Alnilam and the small one which is Alnitak. These three stars represent the Orion's belt and are the portals through the three times and the three spaces.

This information is in the core of the portal and there are four stars around, two above and two below that are the ones you can see here (pointing to the map). In the northern part of the constellation we have Betelgeuse and Bellatrix. And in the south we have Saiph and Rigel. These four represent the pillars of this portal. You have to imagine it like a temple. If you have a temple you have four pillars. These four pillars do have three stones in the core that are like a gift of God. They are like the seeds of realities, the main information of the universe.

These four pillars are protecting the information of this portal. What happens if one of these pillars is broken? The whole temple can collapse and the information is open, so a lot of people from different dimensions can use the information from the core. That brought us in the past and the future what we call the Orion's war. Orion's war is the concept that many people can remember in which a lot of species in different planets were fighting to control the power of Orion, the portal of Orion because if you rule the portal you can use time and space. You can do whatever you want with that information.

What is important about keeping this portal safe is that there is some stuff that can happen to the material realities that can effect our realities and our evolution. What happened at that time was that people from Rigel and Sirius and other people from Arcturius, too, they were like the agriculturalists of the galaxy and they were trying to put all the seeds of the DNA, the seeds of different planets in a few planets that are really far away from the Orion portal so they could keep all the information in case of something is happening to the portal. It is like the Noah's Ark of the galaxy.

One of the things that we have here in this planet earth is, it is like a greenhouse, we have a garden where we can put all this information from the galaxy so it could survive. All the things that we have done in this planet is to try to solve the problems of Orion. To try to lead all the species from within. Every information that we have from every star we have in our blood, in our cells, in our DNA.

All the old information, all the data from the stars is living within us right now and it is not separated. We all live together and that's one of the things we need to improve, how to see(?) all the species that are in war outside, how to put them all together.

We are in this time and planet just to make a test of how to survive as one. That is why the goal of our civilization is to create a balance between every one of its thoughts that we call cultures. These ideas that we have in this planet and this evolution is to try to create balance in between every one of our parts, but our planet is a chaos because we are improving, we are evolving we are like kids playing and trying to understand who we are.

There is no problem with all the conflicts that are happening in the earth, that it will change, it will eventually get better but we need to learn about the stuff that is happening and we should not try to avoid these changes of evolution. I know it is hard to understand that a chaos is something that helps us to evolve but it is something true. We exist because of all the chaos that happened in evolution.

What we have to embrace is the chaos as a way of evolution and then when we do that we heal the chaos so we don't need it any more. Because all the problems that we have, all the war, every conflict are just a reaction of us trying to hold on and avoid the change, not changing. We want to stay, that we think it is fine, but it is not so. All the chaos, illnesses, everything is just happening because we are not daring to evolve. So, the planet forces us, pushes us towards evolution and this is not just happening here, it is also happening in other levels of consciousness, like in Orion.

The reason why I am explaining this now is because for sure you have noticed some news from NASA from Alma the Atacama Desert Telescope and many others from different parts of the world that are watching constantly the sky. You can tell that something is happening in Orion and we are receiving an information from Orion that one of the main stars of the portal maybe has exploded. If you are used to see the sky and you know the constellation you will notice that Betelgeuse, one of the biggest stars, the brightest stars of the sky is even every moment less and less bright. In just two month it went from the ninth star of the sky in brightness to the 23rd.

So, it is happening very fast and it means there is a lot of dust around the star and it means that it is going to explode but this star is around 600 light-years away. It means that is has already happened. Eventually we will see the explosion. Of course, we are not going to be in the middle of the explosion because it is really far and the spectrum of explosion in death, as they call it, is 50 light years around.

It means that we are very far away so that not even the particles of explosion will reach us. But we eventually can see the light of the explosion, not hear it but see the light and they say it can happen today or in 50 thousand or 100 thousand years. They have no idea but it could happen eventually in our time. If that happened tomorrow, just to see this case, if that happens tomorrow we can see during two or three month a big light of the size of the moon expanding in the sky. So we would have like two moons for three month in our sky.

I don't know, if we will see it in this life, maybe the next one or the next one but this means something really important. This means while we are talking that star is dying and/or it is already dead. That means that the structure of the portal is broken. If it is broken, it means that all the information from other dimensions is going to be spread around the universe and around our galaxy and it means that we need to get ready to receive the explosion of vibration. This information that will come to our systems, to the whole galaxy, would allow many other beings to get inside of our reality. So, what we have to do is to prepare our world by doing two things.

One thing is to protect from information that is not good like a lot of bacteria around the universe that is going around that we call beings from the fourth dimension that eat energy from beings and planets. They are like bacteria, so we need to protect every portal, so nothing can get in that is not properly balanced with our planet.

And the next thing we have to do is the second thing. It is to balance the doors so only the new information that is going to come down can be received. It is like balance every radio station to receive the perfect song and all the other statics just to give it away. Well, that is the goal of the I AM project. The Yo Soy project is to go to these 32 spots in the world plus North Pole and South Pole to connect all these spots so we could balance the main spots of thinking of the planet and to protect the portals from all these other vibrations coming from outside.

There is a bad thing about this happening. The bad thing is that the Orion war is still active and will be in centuries probably thousands of years because for us it is relative, time is relative. Thus, the war is on but it is not something bad for us. Indeed, it is something good because it means that we need to start to begin with the activation of who we really are.
It means that the potential that we have within is like ... is our time, the time to activate the purpose why we were created. This means that in the next centuries, in the next thousands of years we are going to be prepared from within through all these changes around the system.

And I explained this today because I don't know if people celebrate this in these countries but it is the three kings day for Christians and this story is about the three kings that came to see the God being born in Bethlehem ... close by Israel and this story tells about these three astronomers that saw something and were following the mother star. And this was a story that other people in the past before Christians used to explain about the three stars following the mother which is Sirius. Sirius was the Isis, the star of the mother and the three kings were following it. It means that there were not three kings going to see Jesus Christ.

They were talking about the story of these three portals of the sky that were following the birth of the God on earth. Today is the day that people celebrate these three kings and that is why it is a day aligned with these three stars with the story of these three stars.

So, the main idea of sharing this information is that all the projects that we are going to do around the world with the I AM project in 2020, 2021 and 2022 will be a trip to balance and open the doors in a proper way to receive information from this explosion and from this constellation.

It doesn't matter if it happens in a thousand years but we need to prepare the planet for that because we are now in a critical time that we are close by big wars again, close by big conflicts that are happening in our planet. All these changes mean it needs to be balanced so when the chaos comes we can use the chaos to improve and evolve and not to go backwards. That's a way to understand why we are going to do this. We are not going to do this to prevent anything. We are going to do this to balance the process, so whatever is going to happen will help to evolution in a harmonic way according to the galaxy and the planet.

So, this information that we have received in this past month from science saying that we can now tell that some time near of far the star will disappear means that the moment of transformation has begun, that if the star is dying it means that we need to be prepared to be ready for everything that is coming from the skies. We need a lot of preparation for that. We need to understand how the planet works, we need to prepare ourselves to balance with the planet, we need to understand our purpose as a society, we need to take care of the portals. So, in these three years of my trip around the world I will invite everyone to the closest pyramids you have, the closest temples, stone circles that you can find around the planet and align in four specific times which is solstice and equinox. Those days, those four days every year we need to balance ourselves and the whole network through meditation, through vibrations so we can all be aligned with this symphony in which the planet is going to be after the disappearance of Betelgeuse.

So, this is terrible and also fantastic news because everything that is going to happen because of Betelgeuse's disappearance in different dimensions will push us to evolution and maybe a lot of us are scared of change but on the other hand evolution and changing is something that will help us to improve our planet.

You don't have to see this as something critical, as something bad. We have to see this as something that will improve our evolution, improve our way of living in this world, will improve our civilization, our beings. So, it means that the war is still going and if that war is still going it is a calling for our seeds to rise. So, that is what we need to work with to make our own star seeds from within to be enlightened, to seek for the light and to be coherent and to grow and to create the trees of life in this planet to receive all this information from the other levels after Betelgeuse disappears. I invite you to see the sky tonight and to recognize how tiny it is compared to other times. If you were used to see this constellation you will notice it really fast.

In the next videos, next episodes, next videos in Youtube, in the website we will explain about how to connect in every one of those portals, which are those portals, which are the closest spots to every country and … everything that we are going to do in these 3 years to prepare the frequency of the planet according to these changes in our sky. That is the information that I wanted to share with you because it is that information that we knew these times about the Betelgeuse's disappearance and explosion in the sky. It is something that I was talking about. Not precisely of that but yes the war and the death of a star… this is something really aligned with our project and the reason why we are here. That is why I wanted to share it and everyone can understand that everything that is happening in the skies is happening here on earth and the changes that we are going through in this time are just callings to align ourselves to other levels of consciousness.

What I want to invite you to do is harmonization, a balance so we can transform ourselves into the portal of Orion because we need to understand that in history the past civilizations like Atlantis civilization is used to see Orion's portal like a man like a person stood up. So, you yourself, your own body is still in that structure. You are your own universe. That is why by holding the information of Orion and to realize that we are the portal itself we can do a balancing to keep that information within and to have it activated along every day just by thinking it.

I will invite a friend to play the piano … he will help me with the balance and I will guide you a little bit in this harmonization. If you want to follow, you just sit properly with your spine aligned, just sit comfortably as you feel and just close your eyes whenever you feel it … take a deep breath … meditation starts …

« Meditation als Hörfassung »
Zu Beginn seid ihr eingeladen, wenn ihr möchtet, die Augen zu schließen und euch gerade hinzusetzen, die Wirbelsäule aufrecht... es folgt die Meditation... am Ende reckt und streckt ihr euch und öffnet die Augen wieder.


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