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Betrachtungen zur Reise durch das (menschliche) Sein


Matías de Stefano schrieb das Vorwort zu dem Buch "Reflections of a Mental Spirit" von Nicolás Apelt, welches hier zitiert wird.

In the beginning, existence was a simple breath of who you and myself are, aware that Being was Everything, and that Everything was Nothing, and that in the Vacuum was the Eternal and in the Simple was the Complex, that in the Centre were the answers, and that in Neutrality the Truth lay.

But you and I knowing what we were, what we are and what we will be, decided to ask ourselves: "… and who can I be?" And it was then when everything started. Love encouraged us to find the Will to pursue Wisdom through the Experience of Transcending what we have integrated from what we once Expressed. There, as we expand, I became you, you became him and he became us, and we became you, and you became them … and they were so far away that we thought we had never met them.

In the very boundaries of the Self, You and I are called Time and Space, Negative and Positive, Over and Below, Inside and Outside, Micro and Macro, and each one of us and of you and of them was once a tiny speck of that Breath that in the hope of wanting to be, created Everything from Nothing out of love for self-knowing.

My strength duplicated in yours and in a spiral-like dance we drifted away, taking with us the other parts of myself, of ourselves. We observe ourselves in the distance and in the nearness with a certain kind of infatuation, which we called Magnetism, and our encounters created waves that through rumbling modified the outside and the inside.

Dancing frequencies lit firefly candles and millions of eyes observed millions of perspectives. Galaxies, Suns, Planets we called them… And in such a dance, this force took us farther and farther apart until our faces were lost in the immensity of the perspectives. Darkness brought about confusion, confusion brought about fear and fear brought about uncertainty, which triggered the conflict that led us to war and destruction.

Millions of eons went past and you and I modified ourselves forgetting that I was You and You were me.

The road to expression led us to experience, taking us apart from ourselves, believing we were separated, confronted, divided… but that was only one perspective. We must have been trillions of atoms and cells so that, with the passing of time, millions of eyes we could have had to help us observe each face, to feel each skin, to listen to each word, in the hope of finding ourselves again…

And there comes the time when I start to wonder: "Am I the one I wanted to be?" "Who am I and who can I be?"

The same uncertainty which led us to separation is the same uncertainty which reminds us of our purpose, and your doubt is everyone's doubt reflected in yourself, and the thought of the One is listening to you in the same way he is listening to me, and he answers from a distance with a song of frequencies which ripple in space waiting to come down to you, travelling past suns, networks, comets, dust and cells turning these frequencies into a tree which gives birth to an apple which is, in turn, eaten by your other self who one day in the least expected way, possibly sitting somewhere in the bathroom, feels the message in his cells and his Love and Will decide to express through Wisdom imprinting in consciousness such frequency which we here call "word", immersed in the ink of this book which has now reached your hand for you to read its frequency and to remember yourself.

Welcome to the return cycle… You have already asked yourself this question and now you have begun the one-way journey to remember that You and I … have always been One.

Matías Gustavo de Stefano

Dazu passend hier noch einmal das Video über die Bedeutung der YO SOY - I AM - Reise:

Video: Matias De Stefano - I AM - The purpose of the trip


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