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About me

Story from my childhood

I remember an event that still does have an impact on me: It was back in my childhood when my aunt and I were driving from Germany to Holland one night. Nobody was supposed to know about it because we went for a faith healer. Back then in Germany faith healing was forbidden, thus people went over the border to Holland. It was ok doing it in Holland but we still did not tell anyone because people considered it to be weird and I think my aunt wanted to avoid defamation. I was too young to judge. I just liked the adventure.

Once we got to the healer there was a huge queue and we got in line. After a while we got closer to the miracle man and next to him there were lots of money notes just lying on the table. I added my notes and stepped forward in front of him. He asked me about my discomfort and placed his hand there. Then I got back in line to wait for the second treatment which was the same except payment was already settled. And I did the same for a third time. That was it and we drove back home. I was allowed to skip school and my aches had vanished for many years.

I have no idea whether the discomfort would have vanished without the faith healing. But I know for sure it was a very deep and meaningful experience in my life. I wouldn't want to miss that experience and I learned a lot more than from an ordinary day at school. I love remembering it all and nothing happens by coincidence.

Today I deal with energetic subjects mainly to figure out for myself what energetic concepts we are subjected to and how we can best use them.

Some of my experiences are hardly to be put in words but still with this website I want to share some of them. Additionally this worked out to be a sort of diary for myself as well.

My motivation?
Learning, experiencing, trying, sharing ideas. A teacher reminds us of those things we already know. Hence, let us mutually remind us in order to live the truth.

With this in mind: BE YOU!



The following pictures are electronically modified drawings done by myself. I did the 'Hands' around 2005 when I started seeing people's aura, especially around the fingers. This can easily be reproduced with a little practice by e.g. placing your hands in front of a light colored wall.

The second pic 'Light Shower' originated around 2001. It was a subconscious message given to me back then to direct me to my passion, the play with light and dark. Although nowadays I enjoy the play with the light a lot more. But still the dark is part of it and it teaches us lessons.


Certainly there is a lot to be discovered when it comes to light, however some of it might be illusion. Therefore everybody needs to have his or her own experiences.

So much about me as a person. To find out more about my work please go to
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