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The Guides: "Claim the wonder of who you are and let it be expressed in your lives. Your value, we say, is what you claim. No one has the right to take that from you. And no one will unless you let them. Align to your own ability to claim your true value and see it expressed in your lives. You have the right to this, individually and collectively, regardless of what you call yourselves, the names you give yourselves, I am this, I am that, in some ways are limiting. Know your divine nature, know it for all and see your world transform." (channeled by Paul Selig)

Birth: "In the Universe there is no death without birth, nor birth without death, for it is an instantaneous cycle. Birth is the key to understanding that our own being has not come to life to escape from it through enlightenment, but to live precisely what its enlightenment has allowed it to create. Birth is not a divine punishment, but a spiritual blessing. It is the artist who is immersed in the love of his work, it is the engineer who dares to live in the house that he himself designed." (Quote from Matías)

"We were seeded as bees of consciousness, to cultivate the honey of wisdom and love through traveling through the portal flowers of the world. Let us not let ourselves be overshadowed by the black fumes that cloud the world, let us remember that if we vibrate high, the temperature of our being will increase like in a hive, expelling any parasites. Let us be bees, vibrate high, and recognize that all the evil that stalks us is just smoke. " (Quote from Matías)

"The path towards the divine is the constant return to oneself."

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