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The Guides: "Claim the wonder of who you are and let it be expressed in your lives. Your value, we say, is what you claim. No one has the right to take that from you. And no one will unless you let them. Align to your own ability to claim your true value and see it expressed in your lives. You have the right to this, individually and collectively, regardless of what you call yourselves, the names you give yourselves, I am this, I am that, in some ways are limiting. Know your divine nature, know it for all and see your world transform." (channeled by Paul Selig)

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Illusions and Challenges 2018
New book.

Additional Proverbs
NEW: Album 4 and 5

Let Go Nothing matters.

New Edition 2016.

A new paradigm
Video showing how the elite used to stay in power.

Rediscovering Live
Some transcripts of Anthony de Mello's lecture.

Some thoughts about peace and another meditation.

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Please reboot the system.

Healing Environment Bob Olson interviewed Natalie Sudman (Full interview on AfterlifeTV.com)

A story. Once upon a time ...

Paul Hellyer testimony People's disclosure.

Let Go
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