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Healing Environment


Bob Olson did another interview with Natalie Sudman in July 2013. It is the third one with her. Natalie Sudman shares the story about her near death experience in Iraq when a road side bomb hit their truck. To see the interview please go to Afterlifetv.com.

I already recommended Natalie's book 'Application of impossible things' in the 'Books' section of my website. I personally find the book very special because she literally takes me to these other dimensions she is describing. I got the feeling of being there with her while reading. It is not as strong as having the experience myself, but still, somehow, I do feel transformed by reading it.

Natalie's third interview with Bob Olson motivated me to pick up a few things she is talking about. Because I believe that these things respectively the way we see things as described by Natalie, can make life a lot easier.

Natalie tells us about being in the healing environment during her near death experience. There, a familiar soul/energy helped her to change her injuries. First, in a way to be able to get back into her body and second, deciding about the injuries she wanted to keep. By doing so they were having a lot of fun considering the different possibilities and their impact, e.g. how Natalie would do if she only had one arm. They view the remaining life under these circumstances and see what experiences Natalie then does have. They find it extremely funny, at least from that perspective.

What Natalie describes is so many-faceted. One thing is that she chooses injuries in the first place. From the view point of the 'whole self' it does therefore make sense to have a certain experience that is very unpleasant for the personality self. It even means pain and suffering which our personality self certainly does not want.

Later on in the interview Natalie tells us about returning to her body and not being able to remember the meaning of the injuries chosen by herself. All she remembers is that there was a certain purpose why the 'whole self' chose the injuries.

I find this very interesting because this is what happens in life all the time. Somehow we know that the things happening do so for a reason but we do not know the entire coherence. If we knew I guess our life would lack this curiosity. It would lack those aha experiences. Our part in being the 'personality self' is exactly this, not to know what it all means, but to live the experience fully. It is about being childlike and to look at everything anew and to feel and be the experience completely. That is our part in it.

Bob talks about an analogy to a child having a doll. If the arm of this doll breaks the child thinks it is a tragedy. Bob compares the child to our 'personality self' and the parents with our 'whole self'. The parents know, it is only a doll and the child will get over it.

I would like to add some ideas on that analogy. I think it is very important for the child to have that experience and to feel the tragedy completely. It is necessary to observe how this has an impact on us and to observe every bit of it, every emotion, every feeling, every sensation, every thought ... We as the child can also step into the observer role and dis-identify with the actual event. We do feel all the pain and at the same time we know this is an experience, a very interesting experience. Thus there is pain but no suffering because we do not identify. We know we are the part that has to go through this experience and after having done it we can let go.

Natalie mentions how happy and grateful our whole self is for each and every experience we are having. No matter how bad it seems to be for our personality self (e.g. broken arm of the doll), for our whole self, everything is extremely valuable and creates deep joy. This might be compared with ourselves having grown up and remember then the doll and the broken arm. As an adult we smile about it or even have a good laugh ourselves. Only our whole self does not have to wait for such a long time but can have that smile immediately as opposed to our personality self that needs much more time.

Something else Natalie mentions is that even though she did have this near death experience her life is still full of challenges, difficulties etc. This hasn't changed for her either. But for her it was a lot easier to go through rehab with all the injuries knowing that they are there for a purpose which she herself had chosen only can't remember. But knowing there is a reason for it makes it a lot easier to have the experience as bad as it seems to be.

Natalie mentions also that despite of her NDE she has not managed to be rich in terms of money. And she explains that wonderfully. She describes how our whole self infinitely enjoys every experience within our lives. Thus, I think it is about the value of each experience that creates the wealth within our lives.

Natalie Sudman: ... Even now my life isnít perfect just because I had these amazing experiences.
Natalie Sudman: My life is probably just as screwy as anybody elseís is. I canít just say, well, I want to be rich and I want perfect things to happen and this is going to happen, thatís going to happen.
Natalie Sudman: It still doesnít happen.
Natalie Sudman: But now I think I can apply a sense of humor to that, and I understand that even if that doesnít happen, whatever is happening has its own value and can be fun if I let it be fun.

In the following a few snippets from her interview. Please find the full interview here.

Natalie Sudman: Yes, I mean itís about choosing my own injuries. In a way healing, that word doesnít even make sense because all I was doing was changing. Healing makes sense from the physical perspective because we think of being injured or being well. We make those dichotomous judgments. But from a whole self it wouldnít necessarily be healing; it would just be changing. So from that environment I was able to change the injuries in my body and choose them very specifically. The ones I chose were going to help me place myself in the trajectory that I wanted to follow in this physical experience.

Natalie Sudman: From this environment itís like I can see the whole scene of the blown up truck and everything going on down there and my body in that truck. I can see the injuries that I left this body with. So what weíre doing is weíre changing those.

This really good friend of mine with me here, weíre actually fooling around a lot. Weíre like, okay, letís lop off her right arm, and then weíd immediately see this whole lifetime of me with all the details; Iím trying to do everything with my left hand, and we thought that was hilarious. Weíre falling down laughing. Or okay, letís fix her head but letís leave her with some brain damage so she canít talk, and thatís funny to us in that environment. Itís not funny here, but it was hilarious from there.

We were choosing different possibilities and immediately seeing where those would lead, what kinds of experiences those injuries would offer, and how fun. It was very revealing and still continues to be revealing to me that I can go to that place and I can perceive my troubles and my difficulties through the healing process with a sense of humor. I mean itís all hilarious. Itís all nothing to my whole self awareness.

Natalie Sudman: Because whatever we experience in the physical is so small, is so minor. I mean itís important, but it doesnít last forever. Itís perceived as a blink. So what to us when weíre in our physical perspective can just be horrifying and endless and excruciating, even then once weíre out of our bodies and can see it from a larger perspective, we perceive how insignificant that was and yet how significant whatever we learned through doing that is.

Bob Olson: Yeah, thatís right. Thatís right. I havenít been there, but one of the greatest analogies I heard years and years agoóI have no idea where I heard it from or whoówas that the perspective is similar to what parents might have of their young daughter whose dollís arm had broken off. To the daughter this is a horrible thing, like oh my goodness, the world has gone upside down. The arm of my doll has fallen off. From the parents, theyíre just like, sheís going to be okay. Sheíll be all right.
Natalie Sudman: Itís just a doll.
Bob Olson: Yeah, itís just a doll. Itís just a human life.
Natalie Sudman: Itís just one of your human lives.

Natalie Sudman: Honestly, I canít remember most of the specific reasons that I decided to come back. I canít remember what those were. So when I go to this Healing Environment and understand that Iím back in that environment and I can be there now and I can know what injuries I want, but I canít access why I want them. I can even see some of the trajectories projected out from the injuries that I chose, but I canít see all of them. Itís like some things are blanked out.
Bob Olson: So at the time when you made the decision to come back into your physical body, you knew that there was a purpose for that. There was a purpose for you coming back. So the injuries were set up to complete that purpose, correct?
Natalie Sudman: Right.

Natalie Sudman: Everything was a chosen experience. All my injuries were chosen, and they were chosen for good reasons. They were chosen with joy. They werenít chosen as any kind of punishment. They were chosen in order that they would lead me to or support me in creating experiences that I wanted to experience as a whole self that were very, very valuable to me.

Natalie Sudman: Yes. It doesnít matter if we as little puny personalities seeing this much of whatís really going on, it doesnít matter if we think itís bad or not. Our whole self knows itís good and knows what the value is and is thrilled with the experience.

Natalie Sudman: Oh yeah. When weíre in this focus, things can be just excruciating. They can be awful, awful, and seem like they will never end. So the only way to understand that kind of sense of humor and that joy is to be able to access that expanded consciousness or to even be willing to entertain the notion that it could be real. I mean that alone, just being willing to open your mind, that could be the little gateway that allows you to suddenly have this knowing or understanding.

Natalie Sudman: Itís certainly made my rehab a lot easier. Knowing that I had chosen these injuries and knowing that they had meaning made that whole thing a lot easier. Even now my life isnít perfect just because I had these amazing experiences.
Bob Olson: Right.
Natalie Sudman: My life is probably just as screwy as anybody elseís is. I canít just say, well, I want to be rich and I want perfect things to happen and this is going to happen, thatís going to happen.
Natalie Sudman: It still doesnít happen.
Natalie Sudman: But now I think I can apply a sense of humor to that, and I understand that even if that doesnít happen, whatever is happening has its own value and can be fun if I let it be fun.



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