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A story ...


Once upon a time ...
A long time ago people agreed upon having a new joined experience, the experience of separation and duality. Everyone wanted to experience it and getting to know every aspect of it.

In order to have this experience everyone had to take on a different role. Somebody had to be the bad guy. Nobody wanted to play that role.

Finally one of the strongest and bravest said: 'I will play that part but under a condition ...'. 'Any condition you like' answered all the others unanimously. 'You have to promise me to tell me that you love me' required the volunteer.

'You know that we love you', was the answer. 'Of course we will tell you that we love you ..., but why?' asked the other ones.

'Well, if I play the role of the bad guy, I will go for it completely to play it perfectly ..., and if you do not remind me, that you love me, I might be lost forever and will always pretend to be someone who I am NOT. So please ... remember to tell me that you love me, so I can find my way back home.'

So far this is the story. But now, who is playing which role? Isn't it that we all are the bad guy and nobody is telling us who we really are? Where we have aggressors there must also be victims. If there are no victims then there are no victimizers. Maybe we should all remind us and each other that we love each other and finally end that game? But that is only possible if ALL of us join to end the game not only the alleged bad guys.

Otherwise we continue triggering the bad guy in each other. We provoke each other and get involved in fighting or wrangling. Sometimes we are the attacker and other times we are the ones being attacked. The challenge is to reenter our own peace over and over again to avoid being a provocation for the other. I have to admit I do not always manage to be at peace myself ... especially not if I am attacked.

It remains a challenge, to come back to one's inner peace again and again. But that is the training and that is why we are playing the game.



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