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Empirical Parapsychology


Parapsychology goes along with psychic abilities. Some people ask for scientific proof and this wish for external confirmation is exactly the door lock for the access to our own inner power of judgment. We rather trust some so called 'experts' rather than our own perception.

Every one of us does have psychic abilities. However, in the age of technology other things have stepped into the focus of our consciousness and it takes great effort to remember our very own abilities and to live this again.

The most important companion in this process is the inner voice and our own experience which leads to the empiric proof of our abilities. As within all disciplines it applies that with practice comes certainty. The doubts disappear, fear disappears and self-confidence rises.

In the beginning it might be that fear is a permanent companion because we enter an apparently uncontrollable field, a dark unknown space in which we cannot see anything and have to grope our way. Are we safe there?
I remember my mixed feelings before my first past life regression. Am I ready for the answers? What will happen to me??? Help! Is this any good at all what I am doing here?

And at this point it is important to listen to the inner voice in order to find the right timing and suitable people for the regression. People we can trust. Only do it if it feels right! Nobody can tell you whether it is ok except YOU yourself.

Today I am able to do past life regressions on my own. It is fun and I always get new insights from my sub-consciousness showing me new ways, opening doors, or helping to recognize and release old dogmas.

However, it was a process to step by step find the right method and it is still not the end. A regression is a trip into my sub-consciousness and for me personally a guided meditation currently works best. Hypnosis is too stressful and it is better to avoids needless traumas. There might be cases where hypnosis does make sense but within a guided meditation we see events from a certain distance. We observe things as if they are happening to someone else. We are fully conscious during the entire session so we can step out anytime we would like to get out. We are in control whereas in hypnosis someone else is.

For those who do not believe in reincarnation a past life regression still delivers an access to the sub-consciousness. The pictures we are shown during the meditation are representing the stuff that slumbers deep inside and this comes up exactly now because we have the intention to solve something in our life, to make changes or to investigate.

Whether the pictures really come from a former life or from our imagination is secondary. They are there now because they are important in one way or another in connection with our previously chosen intention.
What stops us from just letting it all happen are our doubts, like 'what am I doing here?', 'does this really work?', 'nobody can prove this…', 'do I really have the abilities…?'

My advice at this point: Let go! Brush aside the doubts and approach playfully like a child. Expect nothing! If pictures come up then they do, if not, then not. The more we relax the better it works. Be childlike.
Another obstacle is our habit to judge everything immediately. Our rational mind wants to sort things out and evaluate. If we put this habit aside and keep it for later then we are freer and opener. We can then simply observe without prejudice all that is shown to us. No need to worry, there will be enough time to arrange everything after the meditation which is also important.

In the beginning I had many examples of being uncertain and not believing in energetic coherences. I literally blocked it and did not allow to simply letting it happen. One of these examples is as follows:
Every now and then I take part in energetic seminars. Among other things we practice energetic constellations. It is a little bit alike family constellations. But here it was about energetically solving a medical problem of a person. We had a group of 4 people. One had the problem, another person places the energy for cause and solution of this problem on a chair and still another person sits down in this energy. This person describes what he or she feels and perceives while the other two act as therapists.

In this case I was the one who was sitting in the energy and perceived what was coming up. I saw pictures with a lot of blood… I doubted. Was it what I was supposed to see and feel and what the others expected from me?
I felt emotional pain... I doubted. Was this emotional pain my own or was it the energy? I must not express my feelings but the feelings I am having while in the energy of the other person's problem solution. Am I doing it right?

Then I said to myself: "Damn, I am sitting here, the others stare at me and expect me to describe something and I have no clue whether I am doing it right or what the others expect from me…"

Then something in me clicked and I told myself: "It does not matter anymore. I just let go and simply let everything happen that wants to happen now regardless of right or wrong or what the others might think…" And I was not able to hold back any longer. I had to scream loudly, very loudly! We sat outdoors and the neighbors probably thought someone is dying. That was how loud I had and wanted to scream!!!

I had let go and now all possible kinds of feelings and pictures came up… I saw blood running along my legs, I felt infinite emotional pain, I saw a dead child was born and how I had held on to this pain for years and this pain had to go out, out, out…!!!

After a while I was doing better within the energy and the therapists had helped me to calm down and work on the issues to release them. I was then allowed to step out of the energy to be completely me again.
The treatment continued then. At this point I am not going further into it. I just wanted to demonstrate what can happen if we let go and simply let it happen without any doubts.

After the constellation had finished I asked the woman whether she had a miscarriage in this or in a former life. She told me it was in this life. Everything I had seen while sitting in that energy had really happened and I was not told second hand but I had experienced it myself with all my senses. Besides, I did not know the woman before and I knew nothing about her.

I have to add that this experience was not painful for me at all. It was rather that I was watching, expressing and transforming the pain by screaming it all out. It happened through me without affecting me. Therefore it was rather a pleasant experience although this might sound odd.

I won't elaborate on this anymore at this point. Energetic connections are multidimensional. Any attempt to find scientific explanations would not be appropriate.

There is soooo much to discover within parapsychology. With sharing some of my experiences I would like to encourage people to start investigating themselves anew and have the courage to overcome doubt and self-imposed limitations. It is fun!

Note: If you would like to try a past life regression, I recommend to check out the following one. It is an example of a guided meditation. Many more meditations are out there. Follow your intuition to find what is best for you.
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