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A while ago I started doing past life regressions by listening to guided meditations. Our intention leads us to the part of our sub-consciousness that reveals the information necessary to understand things going on in our lives right now a lot better.

During past life regression it sometimes occurs that we look at our own body to see whether we are male or female, what clothes we are wearing and what year it roughly is. Then it happened to me that I found myself in the same century within a couple of regressions. My mind told me, 'it can't be possible because last time in this century I was someone completely different'.

I found my answer to this seeming discrepancy within the book 'Unknown Reality' (Jane Roberts /Seth). I summarize with my own words: Our focus on our identity within this life belongs to us. We were not the person in this other life, but those lives contain aspects of what we are living here and now in this life. Subconsciously everyone is aware of the other one, there is constant interaction. We want to experience one century from many angles with its complete multiplicity. Therefore we take different roles at the same time, we live in Africa and Asia at the same time. We are rich and poor at the same time etc. Thus, it is no surprise experiencing different lives in the same epoch when doing past life regressions.

Furthermore, if we consider time outside of our physical time stands still or does not exist as such, then there are no past or future lifetimes. All happens simultaneously. Our focus is always the here and now, our point of power is always the here and now. We can influence everything right now. Thus, we always have the power to influence 'future' and 'past' lives by doing what we are doing right now.

From my psychic experiences there is not only a link between other physical lives, but with psychic realities as well. The physical world is only one aspect of many possible realities created within our minds and perceptions. Every night, when dreaming, we travel to other dimensions. These dimensions are as real as our physical dimension, just a little different, though.

Thus, out of body experiences are explained like that. We delve into other realities and do not necessarily have to take our body with us.

Excursion: Extraterrestrials

I like another explanation from the Seth book mentioned above about extraterrestrials. If we consider our physical reality needs a fixed timeline and that applies to other physical realities within the universe as well, then it is not only necessary to travel in space to meet other sentient beings, but to travel from one timeline to another. Black holes seem to be relevant to do so. It is also interesting that we can meet other beings not only physically, but mentally which is as real as the other.

Coming back to reincarnation again: If other human lives are aspects of ourselves, I also consider extraterrestrial life as being aspects of myself. Thus we are multidimensional beings and I find it very exciting to figure out more and more about these other dimensions.



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