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Trust life unconditionally


Can we schedule everything within our lives? Can we know what's best for us? Probably not really. Thus, what to do or not to do? I like Samarpan's answers. In the end it is all about trust, about trusting life unconditionally.
Because we did not learn to trust we need to reprogram our sub-consciousness by reminding ourselves over and over to trust. It is not enough having read it once or heard it once. We need to practice, to feel, to know ... by doing it over and over again.

Let's bring to mind that we are programmed to worry e.g. about money, about life, about being left etc. We feel lonely, if alone. We feel hurt, if something goes against our expectations etc. etc. That is our programming.

We learned to project negative things into the future although the future is totally open, nothing fixed, yet. We worry about things that probably are never going to happen. That is how we learned it.

Maybe it is time to drop these patterns? Therefore it might be helpful to watch Sarmapan's Satsangs. No matter what the problem is it is always about letting it be, accepting it, and in the end, to trust life unconditionally.

And again, it is not enough to read about it once or having heard it once. The programming by the media, by our society, by ourselves is very strong. To drop these programs, we need to practice and be reminded over and over again. Trust life unconditionally.

The method presented by Samarpan is quite a good one to find peace within, maybe along with e.g. Anthony de Mello's teachings. Here is the interview with Samarpan on Mystica TV. The interview starts in German. Simultaneous translation into English starts a little after the beginning. Enjoy!

Video: MYSTICA.TV Spezial: Samarpan - Dem Leben bedingungslos vertrauen

You can find more examples and extracts from Samarpan's Satsangs on Youtube. He answers to all sorts of questions. They are all German/English simultaneously. More on Samarpan's website ... . You can attend online Satsangs there live or recorded. Click for English version at the top of the website.



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