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Turn Of An Era


Initially published in July 2014 in German -
Turn Of An Era - Energetic stories of a contemporary witness

This book is about some of my stories in connection with energetic work. I would like to share my experiences in order to let people know what it might be about. I am primarily aiming at people who have not yet consciously dealt with the subject much.

And for those people with similar experiences or even deeper ones this might just be an exchange of ideas to see how others are doing in times like this.

Energy work has so many different facets. With my energetic stories of a contemporary witness I would like to tell a little bit about how I personally perceive the energy in this turn of the era. I share my experiences of releasing the old patterns and conditionings. And maybe the following generations might want to know some time as well how it was in the beginning of the new age.

The earth in 2014. Changes were noticed by those people who opened up for it. The perception of many people began to change. The old patterns and structures were questioned increasingly. Where does your way lead to, dear earth and what is going to happen with us, the earth's people?
This book will not answer these questions, because you are your destiny's smith, you decide. You are a being with free will. Remember this and make your choice. A contemporary witness reports from her experiences.


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