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Certificate Oaths and Vows


The certificate (German speaking source: Gerhard Klügl) is for printing and filling in your data. Then read it very consciously, sentence by sentence. What effect does it have on you? Put it aside then look at it from time to time for example during the next days. Do it as long as it takes until you can read each single line neutrally meaning without strong emotions being triggered. Then burn the certificate in order to have an even better effect. Please downlaod the PDF here.

After I completed this exercise I still ran into situations in life where I consciously needed to let go again like I described in the chapter Cemetery of the March-fallen. There I obviously still had oaths of allegiance that needed to be released.

Thus the certificate is more like an intention. Life will then come up with appropriate experiences that help us to gather the necessary realizations in order to let go. It might even be that certain situations will appear only because of this exercise. Within such situations things come to the surface that need to be solved.

With energetic work it is quite usual that some things can be released easily without having a closer look and others need more time. Or an insight is still needed coming sooner or later maybe within a totally different context.

If everything was shown to us at once it could be far too much. Sometimes we need to let go bit by bit. Hence, it can absolutely make sense for example to do the same guided meditation again after some time. Our inner guidance leads us if we allow it and trust it.



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